Niemczyk Gardens
Hugo, MN

For most of us, the arrival of Spring means planning and planting our gardens and planters. Those gardens and planters bring a summer full of beauty and happiness. Although this Spring is starting out differently with the cloud of the Coronavirus, we are committed to providing excellent service and high quality plants in a safe environment for customers and employees.

Our primary concern is the health and safety of our customers and employees. To date, we have put several precautionary measures in place and will continue to adjust our processes to comply with the state requirements and CDC to better serve our customers. We are actively monitoring the Coronavirus situation and soliciting assistance from government agencies to provide a safe experience/environment for our customers.

Below are Standard Operating Procedures we are implementing for the Retail Greenhouse Sales Area.
• A hand wash station, wipes and hand sanitizer, disinfectant and gloves are readily available for employees and customers.
• Employees have been provided with masks, only they will wear and take home to launder.
• We have secured additional payment options to allow payment in any area convenient for customers.
• Customers will be expected to abide by the 6 foot distancing practice that everyone has been recommended to maintain. If this requires us to limit the number of customers in designated areas, we will do so.
• We ask you, as a customer, to refrain from visiting if you feel ill or have a fever or are recovering from the virus. This will help protect our staff and others.
• Additionally, we are requesting to limit the number of family members you bring to the greenhouse, if possible, for the consideration of others. Children under the age of 14 are recommended to stay home unless it is unavoidable.
We wanted to share some of the options we have put in place to reduce contact yet still provide great service to our customers.

Keep in mind we are working in a “new normal” since the virus changed our way of life and retail processes. We are not perfect. Your patience is appreciated as emailing/calling in orders, curbside pickup and delivery are all new concepts from our usual stop in, smell the flowers, choose your own and leave feeling inspired, preferred way of selling. Together we can do it and we will!